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Our programs (available for every year level) use age-relevant activities to build emotional competencies. The programs are based on a decade of collaborations with key partner schools in which we have have received significant teacher and school input into their development.

Ei Programs

Our Range of EI Development School Programs

We have programs to suit every developmental stage. Click to expand.

Prep In Development


Prep | In Development

Prep | In Development PLACEHOLDER TEXT
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Year 1 Foundations


Year 1 | Foundations

Foundations Development Program introduces students to the fundamental abilities required to understand their own emotions and that of others.
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Year 2 Foundations Booster


Year 2 | Foundation Booster

The Foundations Development Program introduces students to the fundamentals of identifying emotions in the self and others
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Year 3 Healthy Friendships


Year 3 | Healthy Friendships

The Healthy Friendships Development Program focusses on EI development for the benefit of positive peer relations.
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Year 4 Building Blocks


Year 4 | Building Blocks

The Building Blocks Program introduces students to the fundamental abilities required to understand their own emotions and that of others.
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Year 5 Building Blocks Booster


Year 5 | Building Blocks Booster

The Building Blocks Development Booster program is a booster of the Building Blocks Development Program and typically completed at a year five level
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Year 6 Pro-Social Behaviours


Year 6 | Pro-Social Behaviours

The Fostering Prosocial Behaviours EI Development Program targets students who are either in the final year of primary school education or approaching this stage of their development.
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Year 7 Transitions


Year 7 | Transitions

The transition program was written for students who are beginning their senior or secondary level of education.
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Year 8 Wellbeing


Year 8 | Wellbeing

The Year 8 Wellbeing Development program aims to continue to support students to develop their personal and social skills in emotional intelligence
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Year 9 Outdoor Education Booster


Year 9 | Outdoor Education Booster

The outdoor Education EI Development Program builds upon the development of existing emotional intelligence competencies utilising the distinct, real world learning opportunities that come with the outdoor education experience.
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Year 10 Resilience EI Development


Year 10 | Resilience EI Development

The Resilience Development program is targeted at supporting students who are on the cusp of taking on the expectations and workload typical of the final years of schooling.
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Year 11/12 Leadership EI


Year 11/12 | Leadership EI

The Aristotle EI Leadership Development Program encourages students to link leadership behaviours to quality leadership attributes.
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Programs in development include:



How to get started

Think about your primary objectives for introducing EI

There are many utilities of EI in schools. You need not chose only one objective, however having a clear goal will increase the likelihood of successfully using Emotional Intelligence in your school. Having a clear goal will make tracking your progress simpler, more measurable and can allow you to plan for the longer term success of your school.

Do you hope to:

  • Improve academic outcomes?
  • Assist students in their subject selection?
  • Improve resiliency in your students?
  •  Improve peer relations and tackle bullying behaviours?
  • Enhance student – teacher communication?
  • Give students alternative behavioural management techniques?

Form an EI leadership team

This team will be comprised of staff dedicated to integrating
Emotional Intelligence programs within your school. They will become
the EI experts in the community and will be the driving force allowing
the school community to benefit most from the EI programs most
suited to your needs.

Our experience in working with schools has shown that this is a
vital component to the successful implementation of any type of EI
testing or intervention.

Consider testing as a first step

Before launching straight in to implementing programs school wide, often schools find it particularly helpful to use assessment of a chosen student group as a spring board into using Emotional
Intelligence within the school. This process assists in rapid development of staff understanding of the concept of emotional
intelligence as well as its many utilities within a school setting.

Learn more about EI assessment

We have worked with many schools in the primary and secondary school sectors around the world, all with unique students, long term objectives and capacities in which to get there. We would be happy to share our experience with you to help find the most suitable way for your school to move forward in utilising EI assessments and/or programs.

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