Building blocks booster

building blocks booster

Age: 10-11

Year Level: Grade 5 (Australia)

Number of lessons: 9

Lesson Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

Teacher Manual: Yes

Teacher resources: Yes (emotion cards, vocabulary list)

Student resources: Yes (worksheets)

Teacher training: Yes (6 hours)

Every Aristotle-EI program comes with extensive teacher training to ensure you get the best from the materials.

Ongoing support: Yes

We partner schools to implement programs and provide continue support and assistance.

The Building Blocks Development Program Booster aims to consolidate vocabulary, concepts and skills learnt in the Building Blocks Development Program. Using familiar characters and concepts, this shorter series of lessons provides continuity of EI concepts across the junior school and challenges students to advance their EI competencies.


overview of the program

Booster overview


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